About Dee

With extensive experience in the film and television industry in Australia and overseas, Dee has become one of the most sought after colourists in her field.

By mastering the most current equipment and innovative technologies and combining these skills with incredible creativity, Dee is able to produce the best possible images for her broad client base.

Dee has worked her way from grading with film analysers at Motion Picture processing laboratories in her early days, through to colour grading feature films (on Autodesk’s Lustre and Blackmagic’s Resolve) in some of Australia’s most highly regarded post production facilities.

Dee has covered all aspects of colour grading; feature films, television commercials, documentaries, rock clips and television series.

As the work flow and tool sets have advanced, Dee’s knowledge and experience has broadened accordingly, allowing her to extend the ability of a filmmaker to tell stories, visually communicate emotion and bring their unique ideas to fruition.

Such diversified skills have allowed Dee to become a trusted co-creator with some of Australia’s most respected cinematographers and directors to bring beautifully crafted images to television screens and film theatres worldwide.

Dee’s passion and dedication to her craft exceed all expectations. Her warm, patient and collaborative attitude ensures the experience of colour grading is a pleasure for every client, and her professionalism is reflected by their returning to work with Dee whenever they can.