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“Chef Antonio’s Recipe for Revolution” Australian-Italian Co-Production



It was a delight to work on this project with Producer Lisa Wang and Director/Writer Trevor Graham. The cinematographer, Jenni Meaney and I managed to squeeze in a couple of days together in the grade suite at Soundfirm between Covid lockdowns here in Melbourne. Observing all the protocols of distancing and sanitisation, she joined me to review the grade and sign off on behalf of Trevor who was unable to join us from Sydney.  Some of the biggest challenges, as is often the case these days, is matching different cameras to keep the grade as seamless as possible.  Fluorescent lighting in the kitchens and incandescent lighting in the dining rooms also made for some crafty colour work. It was gratifying to get this comment from Trevor when he eventually got to see the finished resul

The grade is fabulous. Well done Dee you have done a beautiful job.

We saw the grade on the big screen in the mix theatre yesterday. The picture grade looked superb. You did a brilliant job and Lisa and I are very very happy with look of the film. I’m sure Jenni will be too when she eventually gets to see it projected.
Dr Trevor Graham
Yarra Bank Films Pty Ltd
Dee, I went to SF to sign off on the DCP last week and have been meaning to say how BEAUTIFUL the pictures are! Those shots of Asti made me almost want to cry, so rich and inviting. Thanks again for your incredible eye and instincts. 
Lisa Wang
Black Sheep Films


An article written in ‘If’ Magazine about the lovely chef antonioTrevor Graham who directed, produced and shot this great documentary.

It was a delight to be their colourist and a wonderful insight into the kindness of Chef Antonio who is making a big difference in the lives of these young aspiring Chefs….

Chef Antonio’s Recipes for Revolution is the first feature documentary to be granted the status of an Australian-Italian official co-production. Since a special treaty with Rome was signed in 1993, there has been only one previous Australian co-production with Italy – the 2015 drama, The Space Between. But our project didn’t start out that way. All film financing is like a roll of the dice. You never know what numbers will come up.

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