Freelance Colour Grader

If you’re looking for a skilled and trusted freelance colour grader anywhere in Australia, Dee is your number one choice. Dee has been working as a professional in the colour grading industry for over 30 years, giving her a lifetime of experience to hone her craft. Skilled at working with a wide range of different capture styles and delivery requirements, Dee is committed to giving her clients the best results possible.

Dee has worked on a variety of projects, but her passion lies in tv series and feature films with colour grading that brings a project to life with a creative final polish. Drama as a genre relies on visual and audio cues to tell the story, which is why colour grading for these projects requires a deft hand and is so rewarding for Dee and her wide variety of clients.

Dee’s experience of cinema/film colour grading extends to Melbourne’s bustling documentary scene. Whether it’s animal, human or societal focuses, Dee uses her eye for detail to help weave a narrative that inspires, informs and entertains the audience.

Working on films such as Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears, The Very Excellent Mr Dundee and television shows such as La Brea, Halifax-Retribution and Utopia, you’ve no doubt seen Dee’s work on a screen large or small.