Katie Milwright

Katie Milwright receives a Golden Tripod for “Guilty” at the ACS National Awards 2019

blog“I was so delighted to receive a Golden Tripod at the ACS National awards last night for feature documentary film “Guilty”.  Well done to the ACS for the “Online” awards ceremony last night and congratulations to all the nominees and winners.  Thanks to Director Matt Sleeth, 1st AC Grant Sweetnam, Gaffer Jared Fish, Key Grip Tim Delaney and Colourist Dee McClelland 2nd Unit DP Sherwin Akbazadeh and all the cast and crew who made this film happen.  It’s a film and story I was so proud to be part of.  Thanks!!!” Katie Milwright ACS

To watch the official trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fG9LsQRCv4