The Whistleblower - Feature Film

The Whistleblower – Feature Film

The grade for “The Whistleblower” is almost complete. This is a $55 million budget film shot in Melbourne, China and Malawi. It is a coproduction between Asutralia and China; “building a bridge between our two great nations” it has been said!

Grading has taken place at Soundfirm in their resolve grading theatre. Despite being incredibly busy, the team at Soundfirm have been incredibly accomodating; shuffling bookings, making time for additional VFX and even allowing us to use the grade suite across weekends when necessary. For more information about Soundfirm please go to their website:


Currently we are still waiting on the final VFX to arrive from the various VFX vendors and hope to have it all wrapped up by early August.

It has been really terrific to spend time with such a talented Director of Cinematography;  Marc Spicer.

(Marc kindly wrote a testimonial for me that you can find on my ‘accolades’ page.)

He has shot some great images for Whistleblower that are a delight to work with. We have created a distinct look for each country we are in; Melbourne, Malawi and China. There is a variety of environments from the stark dry heat of Malawi, the cold snow dusted streets of China and the crazy extremes of our weather in Melbourne. Here is an early version of the trailer:

Marc has now made his way to South Africa to work on ‘Escape Room 2’ after doing such a great job with the first Escape Room movie.

For the last couple of days I have had the pleasure of the company of the second unit Director of Photography Mark Wareham ACS. He too has created some fantastic work for me to play with. The ACS honoured Mark this year with an Award of Distinction for “Mystery Road”.Mark wareham acs

Mark and I first worked together on a project in Brisbane called “Fire” back in the early 90’s (when we were both very young, obviously!). We also worked together on a TV series called ‘Cloudstreet’ in 2011. It’s always great to catch up with him.

For more about Mark head to his website: