bad mothers

Wrapping Up the Grade of a couple of great TV series

It’s been a hectic start to 2019; two terrific TV series, “Miss Fisher’s Modern Mysteries” and “Bad Mothers” will have their final grade review this week before they go to air.

BP-LogoThese two series have kept me busy over the last couple of months working out of the newly set-up facilities of Blue Post in Salmon St, Port Melbourne. My projects were the very first in the building and it all went without a hitch. The team have set up a very comfortable environment for staff and clients. Well worth the visit for a coffee and a chat.

The fourth and final Telemovie for ‘Miss Fisher’s Modern Mysteries‘ has now been graded and will have it’s final review blogwith the producer and director on Monday. The Cinematographer, Kath Chambers has just had a review of this last telemovie with me on Friday. She’s an amazing talent to work with and I was delighted to be the colourist on this series.

These 90 minute feature length telemovies were a lot of fun to grade, capturing the feel of the ’60’s and the spirit of a young Peregrine Fisher, Phryne’s niece. Fan’s of the original Miss Fisher series will not be disappointed.

This series was created and produced by the team at Every Cloud Productions and will go to air in February, date and time yet to be confirmed.


Bad-MothersEpisode 8 , the final in the series of “Bad Mothers” will be completed and also have its final grade review this week. Every episode I grade, I am more intrigued about what really happened – no will tell me (or they say they ‘will have to kill me’) But finally this week, I will get to see the conclusion…but of course, I can’t tell anyone!

This is a beautifully shot series by John Stokes. He talks about the Sony Venice camera that he used for this series in an article here. The images are lovely and the colour palette a little more subdued than the vibrant ’60’s of Miss Fisher. It has an elegant natural feel and I think the story will have viewers on the edge of their seat. Keep an eye out for it; Bad Mothers goes to air on Channel 9 on February 18th at 9pm.